About the Owner


I am R. Scott Burnam and I am the proud owner of The Roofer Direct, LLC. I began my career path early in life while still in high school, working in the construction industry from the ground up. As my knowledge and skill grew, I moved from a laborer into a foreman position and eventually into a management role supervising crews, continuing to work my way through college.

After a few years, I realized I had a passion for working in the construction industry. I gain a “sense of satisfaction” in taking on a construction project, doing it well, then being able to look back and say, “I built that” — that you do not get from other jobs.

After many years I recognized that “owners” would sometimes “low bid” a job to win the job and then tell me to “cut corners” in order to make the job profitable which went against my core beliefs and ate on my conscious.

Eventually, my wife Elizabeth & I started The Roofer Direct, a company that was founded in my definition of Integrity – “Doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.” Many companies will bid low and cut corners to be profitable, that is not our philosophy. By “eliminating the Middleman” we are able to offer higher-quality products and higher-quality installations.

We made firm decisions in the beginning, that in order to make our company successful we would have to do things differently than our competitors. Our three guiding principals from which we built our company are:

  1. Do everything we can do to the best of our ability, cutting no corners and using the best material possible not the least expensive.
  2. Stand behind our work and in the rare event where we do make a mistake, make it right no matter what.
  3. Ask for no money upfront, no material deposits, nothing until each stage of the job is complete and our customer is satisfied. Generally, we would consider phase one to be the roof repair or installation and collect payment for the roof once it’s completed. The additional phases depend on the scope of the work and agreed upon contract which could include but is not limited to: gutter installation, house siding, painting, windows, and more. This would alleviate the horror stories I have hear over and over again of customers who gave their contractor a deposit only to never hear from that contractor again.

Because of these principals, our company began to grow quickly. The Roofer Direct, LLC founded in Atlanta, Georgia (which to this day is still our national headquarters) began to expand in other states to the point The Roofer Direct, LLC became recognized as a national company. In an effort to become one of the nation’s premier roofing contractors, specializing in storm restoration, I took and passed the rigorous exam for the ICC also known as the International Code Council. They are the governing body of building codes across the country. I also applied to GAF roofing (North America’s largest and oldest roofing manufacturer) to be recognized as a Master Elite. After an extensive vetting process of The Roofer Direct, LLC earned the title of GAF Master Elite, this is a title you cannot buy but have to earn. The Roofer Direct, LLC gained our exclusive recognition that only two percent of the roofing contractors in North America have achieved. What this means for The Roofer Direct, LLC customers is that, having been vetted by GAF, you get a fifty-year-non-pro-rated warranty on your shingles instead of the thirty-year pro-rated warranty if the same shingles are installed by a non-certified company and as a Master Elite we are able to offer the GAF Silver Pledge warranty, which is a 10 Yr. labor warranty backed by GAF. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that if anything ever happened to ” our company ” and we were unable to fix your problem you would contact GAF and they would send another Master Elite to do the repair.

Today we are one of the nation’s premier Storm Restoration Contractors and have Licensed Adjusters on Staff to keep the insurance companies honest as well as accountable and make sure your home is repaired like new. We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), so whether your home is storm damaged or you just have an old roof that needs replacing, you know you will be dealing with a roofing company you can trust.

If you are one of our many existing customers, I want to thank you for the opportunity and if you are considering becoming part of The Roofer Direct family, thank you for doing your research. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at 855-338-ROOF (7663.)

Thanks Again,

R. Scott Burnam – President


Hail, Wind & Storm Roof Damage Repair

We specialize in hail, wind and storm damage repairs. We have Licensed Adjusters on staff, with our unparalleled knowledge combined with our many years of experience in the industry, we are able to ensure exceptional workmanship that is highly durable and cost effective.


Insurance Experts

We understand just how frustrating it can be to have to put your home life or business needs on hold when dealing with a roofing repair. That’s why we work to ensure that your roofing project is completed quickly and correctly.


All Types Of Storm Repair

We have heard the horror stories about storm repair contractors who take an upfront deposit and then never show up again. At The Roofer Direct you can have peace of mind knowing no money is required upfront for our services.